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Craft Your Love Story: Curate a Custom Valentine's/Galentine's Gift Set with Soul and Story!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and we're thrilled to present our "Craft Your Love Story" campaign at Soul and Story!


This year, we're putting the creative power in your hands to curate a one-of-a-kind Valentine's or Galentine's Day gift set that tells your unique story. 

Explore Our Collection: Dive into the world of Soul and Story, where every piece has its own tale. From handcrafted jewelry to ethically sourced accessories, discover items that resonate with your heart.

Curate Your Set: Unleash your creativity! Select 4-7 items to compose a personalized gift set that speaks volumes about love, connection, and your individual style.

Themes to Spark Your Imagination: Consider curating your set around a specific theme: 

  • ☕ Coffee Lover's Bliss: Create a set inspired by the warmth and coziness of your favorite coffee shop.

  • 🌿 Nature's Embrace: Embody the beauty of nature with a set featuring earthy tones and botanical motifs.

  • 👯‍♀️ Galentine's Delight: Craft a set that celebrates the joy of friendship and sisterhood.

The Soundtrack or Wisdom of Your Set: Enhance your creation by sharing either a song that encapsulates the feeling or concept of your curated set OR a meaningful quote that resonates with you curation. What melody or words speak to your heart? Let us know with your submission! 

Submit Your Creation: Once you've curated your set and selected the perfect song or quote, share your creation with by emailing us at impact(at) Just send us the product links, the name of your creation and the song/quote that describes it. We can't wait to see the stories you'll weave! 

Exclusive Incentives Await!

  • Enjoy a special 15% discount if your creation is selected as a finalist.

  • Feature Fame: Selected sets will be brought to life and featured on our website, available for purchase for a limited time!

  • Crowd Pleaser: We'll put the finalists to a vote on social media and the crowd favorite wins a $75 Soul and Story shopping spree! 

Hurry – Submission Deadline: Thursday at 2pm EST!

This Valentine's Day, let's co-create something unforgettable. Every piece has a story, and now, your story becomes part of Soul and Story's legacy.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We can't wait to see the magic you create!


Warmest wishes,

The Soul and Story Team 


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