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Deman Estate
Meru, Nkubu


Vava Coffee purchases made starting November 20th

are received coffee from Deman Estate Farm


Producer - Mutai Kinyua 

Farm -  Deman Estate - MERU, NKUBU

Located on the eastern slopes of Mount Kenya within Meru county. It falls in one of the most fertile and best watered parts of Africa with tea, coffee and dairy farming as the main economic activities.



  • Size of land - 10 acres

  • Number of trees - 10,000

  • Altitude - 1500m above sea level

  • Varieties - Batian, Ruiru 11

  • Wet processing

  • Type of farming - 80% organic and 20% conventional (although not officially organic certified)

  • This coffee scores an average of 85.75 and exhibits a clean and full body. Some tartness, bright acidity and is well structured and juicy with hints of magnolia, stone fruit, lime, citrus , dark chocolate and malt

The Perfect Cup

We wanted to give you the secret to making the "perfect cup" of coffee but as it turns out everyone has a different idea of what that means. So, you be the judge, here are some articles that want to help you make the perfect cup of java.

Beans are the way to go (Forbes)

The Proof is in the Method (The Kitchn)

And, The Barista Says...
(Ready Set Eat)
Field Updates

Vava Angweyni, the visionary behind Vava Coffee is an amazing storyteller. Luckily for us, she shares insights and happenings from the field as she works with producers to bring the worth ethical, delicious coffee. 

It is crucial that producers get to taste the current fruits of their labor or in some cases potential sharing what could be in terms of future value addition.

Which is why we try create that honest safe space where we can all share openly with our partners on the ground...

                      READ MORE HERE

Etc, Etc, Etc...

This space is evolving, so look for more to come over the next few weeks.


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