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Heart to Heart: How We Are the Problem

Hey, it's Tammy, Founder of Soul and Story. I'll be sharing some of my more personal thoughts with you via my series of "Heart to Heart" blog posts. These are my thoughts about a variety of things. Some facts, some opinions but most importantly, I want to challenge you as I challenge myself to think differently, to see things from a new perspective. Or sometimes, it's just to learn something or share new ideas. Some things will be funny, provocative or maybe a bit sad. You're welcome to share your thoughts and ask questions. I'm all for respectful dialogue that offers additional insight. I hope you enjoy!

"I want to make a million dollars this year"

Ever see proclamations like this? Usually its in the form of a new years' resolution or some business owner proclaiming this is "their year".

The lone pursuit of financial gain is an empty one.

This used to be me.