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Passion seed oil has calming effects on the scalp, in addition to providing hair detox, controlling excessive oiliness.


Extracted from the seed of the passion fruit that has the scientific name of Passiflora edulis sims - passifloraceae.


Mainly used for cleaning and regularizing sebaceous glands. Applying small drops to the scalp, it provides hair cleansing and demineralization, that is, if there is a blockage in the hair follicle preventing the growth of hair, the passion fruit seed oil takes care of removing it, leaving the healthy follicle for hair growth.


Source of linoleic acid, vitamin A and C, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron.


Color: Yellow

Odor: Mild / Medium, Characteristic

Size: 30 ml



Extraction method: Mechanical pressing / settling / filtration;- Vegetable oils vary in characteristics according to the quality of the harvest of the corresponding seeds / fruits.

  • Vegetable oil not recommended for culinary purposes
  • Conserve your oil! Avoid transparent packaging and do not expose to sunlight
  • Conduct a spot test to check if possible allergic reactions cannot occur with the seeds used


Passion Fruit Seed Oil - 30 ml

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