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Cue the music because this curated collection is all about embracing your inner diva. If Beyoncé's "Diva" is your anthem, then this set is your stage. Complete with fashion, delectable treats, and a luxurious fragrance, it's the perfect gift to make anyone the life of the party!

Lheritier 1789: Osmanthus Eau de Parfum

  • Experience Kenyan excellence with this perfectly balanced luxury fragrance. A beautiful blend of floral, woody, and citrus notes, including osmanthus, agrums, rose, sandalwood, and patchouli. Our wonderfully made-in-Kenya fragrance offers a unique opening, medium sillage, and a balanced heart. No dyes added.
    Price: $75

Kapoeta by Ambica: Ear Cuff Peacock Blue

  • Designed with Guinea Fowl and moulted peacock feathers, wire, and leather, this ear cuff is a bohemian chic accessory that adds both elegance and edge to any look. Adjustable to fit comfortably, it's a unique statement piece for the right ear.
  • Diameter: 5". Designed for right ear
    Price: $85

Askanya Chocolate: Wanga Nègès Milk Chocolate Bar

  • Indulge in an intriguing milk chocolate bar, "Wanga Nègès," made with artisanal cane sugar sourced directly from Haitian farmers. The rapadou gives it a caramelized taste, making it a smooth bar with a rich, chocolatey flavor and a complex mélange, from caramel to dried fruit.
  • Price: $10

Unleash the diva within and steal the spotlight with the "Diva's Delight" Gift Set. Whether for yourself or that special someone who deserves to shine, this collection is the perfect ticket to a glamorous and indulgent experience!

Gifting Made Easy:🌟 "Diva's Delight" Gift Set: Be the Star of the Show! 🌟

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