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Babassu Coconut Oil has a light texture and low comedogenicity, and can be a substitute for traditional coconut oil.


Extracted from the pressing of Coco Babassu almond that has the scientific name Orbignya phalerata - Palmae.


Rich in lauric and myristic acid, babassu coconut oil has a composition similar to coconut oil, but with a lighter texture and low comedogenicity, it can be used in dry and oily skins without pore obstruction.

Although babassu coconut oil and traditional coconut oil have similarities, they are better for different purposes. Traditional coconut oil helps to reduce hair protein loss during washing, has the ability to penetrate the hair shaft and helps to effectively eliminate dandruff from the scalp. Babassu oil, on the other hand, is a more effective emollient oil, helping to soften the strands and fight oiliness. Therefore, babassu coconut oil is a great finisher, as it will not saturate the threads with the amount of nutrients.

Color: Yellow / Matte
Odor: Medium, Characteristic



- Extraction method: Mechanical pressing / settling / filtration;
- Vegetable oils vary in characteristics according to the quality of the harvest of the corresponding seeds / fruits;
- Vegetable oil not recommended for culinary purposes

- This oil solidifies at low temperatures;

- Validity: 2 years after manufacture
- Conserve your oil! Avoid transparent packaging and do not expose to sunlight;
- Conduct a spot test to check if possible allergic reactions cannot occur with the seeds used.



Coconut and Babassu Oil

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