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Askanya Dark Chocolate Collection
Treat yourself to the decadence of milk chocolate!


This collection includes:

  • 1 (One) Paradis bars - 47% Milk Chocolate bar

  • 1 (One) Wanga Nègès bars - 50% Milk Chocolate bar with Haitian brown sugar


About Paradis

Usually, a milk chocolate bar has 4% to 14% cacao, a lot of sugar, milk and preservative. Askanya milk bars, with at least 40% cacao, are really dark chocolate with milk than a traditional milk bar.

Paradis, is Askanya's milk chocolate bar with 47% Cacao. The other 3 ingredients are cacao butter, sugar and milk, nothing else. With a rich and creamy texture, Paradis offers delicious chocolate flavors and subtle fruit flavors. It is a real creamy chocolate bar.


About Wanga Nègès
Here's a very intriguing milk chocolate bar. Wanga Nègès, made with rapadou, artisanal cane sugar sourced directly from Haitian farmers in Maissade, Centre State. The rapadou gives it a caramalized taste, very unusual in a milk chocolate bar. It is a smooth bar, with a rich, chocolate taste and a complex mélange, from caramel to dried fruit.

Text and descriptions courtesy of Askanya Chocolate.

Askanya Milk Chocolate Collection

  • Care Instructions

    Store chocolate in a cool dry place. 


    Return Policy

    We do not accept returns or exchanges for this item.

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