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Your passport has arrived! 

This is your ticket to tasty treats, fun jewelry and other handmade items from around the world. Each box is different and you won't know what you'll get until it arrives. Every box contains chocolate so we've got your sweet tooth covered.


Available in 2 sizes, Regular and Deluxe


Here is how it works:


  1. Choose your box size (Regular or Deluxe). Keep in mind the Deluxe box ships free!
  2. Every box will include chocolate; however comment in the notes section if you have an specific allergies (for example: coconut). This will ensure we don't send you chocolate that contains ingredients you are allergic to. 
  3. Because we love you, you can also tell us in the comment section what you would love to see in your box. We will try to accommodateyour request, if possible, but we can't guarantee.

Around the World Box