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These Mommy & Me Roll-On® Bracelets are make cute Valentine's Day gifts!


Teacup Bracelet Set
TheTeacup Roll-On® Mommy and Me Bracelets are the perfect addition to your child's next tea party. The pink, gold, and white are the teacup colors of your dreams. This handmade set is just the match you need. These bracelets are exactly what your outfit needs.

Dollhouse Bracelet Set
The Dollhouse Roll-On® Bracelets are the perfect playtime set. The pink, rose gold, silver, and white of these bracelets create a soft, fun set. They will remind you of the time you sat on the floor playing with your favorite dolls in your childhood and doing that now with your little one. The handmade bracelets are just the sparkle you and your little one are missing for playtime.


Cupid Bracelet Set

Our Cupid Roll-On® Bracelets are the perfect Valentine's Day set. This red, pink, and white set is exactly what you need for your next Valentines Day. These colorful bracelets add that pop of pink that you wanted to show off just for the next February.


  • Set of 2 bracelets - 1 adult 7” size, 1 kid 6” size
  • Ethically Crafted by our women artisans in Nepal
  • High quality glass beads and hand-dyed cotton thread
  • Expands over your hand to fit most wrists


About Aid Through Trade:
Aid Through Trade is a Founding Member of the Fair Trade Federation and is the only authorized provider of Fair Trade Roll-On® Bracelets. Your purchase provides women with fair income + benefits in a safe and healthy work environment. Aid Through Trade empowers women by creating opportunity through beautifully designed jewelry.


Aid Through Trade: Roll-On® Mommy & Me Bracelets

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