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Collection created by the stylist Maria Chantal seeking to bring a knowledge about African culture, valorizano symbols and meanings, and consequently extolling the black aesthetics.The Adinkra are Asante symbols, civilization that lived in the region now known as Ghana.


Yellow Turban

This piece is handcrafted with the symbol Duafe, or wood comb. This Adinkra​​symbolizes the feminine characteristics like patience, hygiene and eternal love.


Black Turban

This piece is handcrafted with the symbol Odo Nyera Fie Kwan. The Adinkra Odo Nyera Fie Kwan is the adinkra that says:"Love always knows the way home "A true love whose existence transcends all illusion.


Red Turban

This piece is handcrafted with Adinkra Funtunmfunafu dua consists of two crocodiles united by the stomach, if one of them eats the other also feeds as a consequence, because they are united by the stomach. We will continue together in the face of times so scarce and troubled for our black community. Unity is the key.

Made in Rio de Janeiro.

All rights reserved.

Adinkra Collection: Turbans

Out of Stock
  • Handcrafted in Rio by Maria Chantal

    Technique: Stamp and stencil
    Height x Width: 40 x 1.50m

    Delicate product. Handle and clean with care

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