Birthdays Celebrations Around the World

Birthdays, for many, are joyous occasions. Here in the U.S. birthdays are accompanied by some sort of celebration and for many ice cream and/or cake is a traditional birthday celebration staple.

But what about other parts of the world? In the Vietnam for example, birthdays are celebrated on New Years Day, called Tet. Instead of birthdays being celebrated on the month and day someone is born, they are celebrated on the first day of the New Year along with everyone else.

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In Jamaica, on the other hand, birthdays are indeed celebrated on the month and day of birth along with a healthy dousing of flour! Yes, flour!

In Argentina, the children will spend their birthday getting their ears pulled. One pull for each year they've been alive. Ouch!

People all around the world have different ways of congratulating others for making it another trip around the sun. Want to know how your birthday would be celebrated around the world? Check out these articles here and here. If you're not in the mood to read, check out the video (or do both)!

What are your favorite traditions? Feel free to tell us with a comment below.

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